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Does Diaz not know how Warriors games work? There is not a real main character. In fact Link is the only guy confirmed. Unless Minda and Impa are guys.

Also yay for them giving Zelda a cool moveset involving her magic. Not just turning her into purple Link because their imagination is dead.

I am so getting a WiiU

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    He’s another white knighting mangina douche. Good thing women have all these straight white men to speak for them!
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    No wonder he’s a Sarkeesian supporter
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    Not to mention he doesn’t understand why Zelda always gets captured. He’s displayed a fundamental lack of understanding...
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    TF of technology could be based on the original idea for LoZ: to get microchips
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    "Not just turning her into purple Link" you know, like Diaz did in his Clockwork Empire thing.
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    I hated his designs the whole time they were circulating and getting mass praise here on Tumblr because of how brainless...
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    This dude is such a dick, I hate him. All his redesigns are so fucking lackluster and cliche. His Justice League ones...
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    Understatement of the century. Guy redesigned Zelda as purple Link and made Link a useless fop. I wish I had that tweet...
  12. kylehasatumblr said: He’s clueless in regards to everything except drawing bad webcomics, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t understand the concept.
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